The Call of Cthulhu - Father Slopes

"On Ice"

Chapter FOUR ....when last left....

Dead Winter, Early 1933.
Flushing Meadows, Queens, NYCthe Lexington estate

Van Vanderbeak‘s testimony, attests to little more than ravings of the over-privileged professor, having found his way across the Queensboro Bridge to “safety” at Manhattan’s 17th police precinct – in a stolen Riley Nine Lynx Tourer!

The cause!…
…a creature, unearthly in infestation lies smeared on Ms. Lexington’s mansion floor… its “mate” supposedly hibernating in an unknown human brain, while Mr. Steel and Coop hold the situation – with a beautiful young Gertie (Gertrude Monroe) upstairs waiting to be given her butterfly…

Attempting to telephone the good Doctor Urey to understand or perhaps complete the ceremony related from Acacia’s insect-muddled mind – another call rings… …The rants of our favored professor have implicated all at the Lexington mansion!! …luckily, for now the uniforms cackling laughs chirp in the background.

And the aroma of a late evening Liver Pâté wafts from the kitchen…
as Mr. Steel and Harris go into the night to their friendly Doctor’s attention, saving him and his reputation from the drunk tank or the sanitarium if he’s unlucky!

Come forth of Putrid Globuals
In Elephantine Ice, A Mob Mentality,
with a Colour of Fear….


لا ميتاً​
ما قادراً يتبقى سرمدى​
فإذا يجئ الشذاذ​
الموت قد ينتهي​

…(translation of the Arabic)
That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die.


kevperrine kevperrine

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