The Call of Cthulhu - Father Slopes

"Mob Mentality"

Chapter TWO ....when last left....

Dead Winter; Early 1933.
Columbia University, Uptown; Manhattan island, NYC

Prohibition, coming to its last days, insights activity amid Manhattan’s brand of la cosa nostra. Yet the assassins of Murder Inc seem not to be our preeminent danger – as now anyone could be compromised – anyone tainted by infestation!

What we do know, dear reader is this…

Tommy Gun enforced – Mr. Xander Van Vanderbeak illustrates that he is not merely a mild manner Alienist as he escaped whatever mob enforced fate lurks below Columbia University!
Cooper “Coop” Harris and Mr. Maxwell Steal discover first clues of something … something alien that has proven an ability to taint a student assistant (Simon) and head of campus security (Cheif Karl) – directing their minds at the same time erasing the as chalk on a blackboard.

Convening in Havemeyer Science Hall – controlling the “crime scene” after a student is accidentally shot during Xander’s escape – our Investigators wait and interrogate, soon determining their next course of action must be a confrontation with their mutual employer.

Come forth of Putrid Globuals
In Elephantine Ice ….


لا ميتاً​
ما قادراً يتبقى سرمدى​
فإذا يجئ الشذاذ​
الموت قد ينتهي​

…(translation of the Arabic)
That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die.


kevperrine kevperrine

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