The Call of Cthulhu - Father Slopes

"The Colour of Fear"

Chapter THREE ....when last left....

Dead Winter, Early 1933
Flushing Meadows, Queens, NYCthe Lexington estate

Enter…. Madam Acacia Lexington, heiress to the world renowned Lexington Foundation and lover of adventure and dangerous men! (including our very own Mr. Harris!).

With several collected bits of disjointed oddities (from the strange substance on young Simon or Chief Karl’s skull-base to a strange hand-held machine of non-human make or the curious putreficating plant life) the trio jab quid pro quos with the cheeky Acacia.

Amid the mitigation, REVEAL!

A surprising left-field shock laid on by Coop grasping at the skull-base of his lover – his hand recoils with…. a pustual-glob from Acacia’s head….

And then, piercing her head and veil… but with no break, tear, rip or cut… only a dislodging of a ichorous dripping ten-chitenous-legged cockroch-maggot-thing no larger than a cancerous bird of prey – sprouts in a ghost-like manner from the fem fatales’ forehead! In a way not unlike but also not completely similar to the ghosted image of Xander’s mother…
A thing, to Earthbound-eyes may appear as an INSECT??!! …an Insect of Shaggai….

And from our trio,
a gun-blast explodes.

Come forth of Putrid Globuals
In Elephantine Ice, A Mob Mentality ….


لا ميتاً​
ما قادراً يتبقى سرمدى​
فإذا يجئ الشذاذ​
الموت قد ينتهي​

…(translation of the Arabic)
That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die.


kevperrine kevperrine

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