The Call of Cthulhu - Father Slopes

"Elephantine Ice"

Chapter ONE ....when last left....

Dead Winter; Early 1933.
Columbia University, Uptown; Manhattan island, NYC

Prohibition, coming to its last days, insights activity amid Manhattan’s brand of la cosa nostra. The head of Murder Inc lurks the revered chemistry hall of Columbia University – there intentions unknown, under peculiar circumstance…

What we do know, dear reader:
This is the scene as our antagonists, on campus by charge of the Lexington Foundation, begin to uncover that which murderous headman Louis “Lepke the Butcher” Buchalter does NOT want found.

Mr. Steel and Coop brace graduate assistant, Simon Motts, for answers (discovering a bizarre globual of blood-mucus-muck-residdue on the back of his head… and an incongruous mechanical device in his lad coat!).
As Dr. Van Vanderbeak comes face to face with Murder Inc. deep in the catacomb of Columbia’s biomedical lab, aka. the steam tunnels – both our good doctor and his captures having just scene the ghost of his mother!!……

Come forth of Putrid Globuals ….

لا ميتاً​
ما قادراً يتبقى سرمدى​
فإذا يجئ الشذاذ​
الموت قد ينتهي​

…(translation of the Arabic)
That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die.


kevperrine kevperrine

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